Institute of Black Wealth

Inaugural South Florida Black Wealth Summit Kicks Off New Initiative

The founders of the Institute of Black Wealth launch an initiative to convene the community, entrepreneurs, and finance experts to address the racial wealth gap and empower the Black community in South Florida to create generational wealth.


The inaugural South Florida Black Wealth Summit will serve as a platform for sharing knowledge, tools, and resources focused on building financial security, preserving generational wealth, and supporting long-term economic prosperity for Black families.

The Mission

To empower the Black community with the tools, knowledge, and resources necessary to create generational wealth, close the racial wealth gap, and foster lasting economic prosperity for future generations.

Goals & Objectives

  • Education & Awareness: Raise awareness about the historical and systemic barriers to Black wealth creation and offer practical strategies for wealth accumulation.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Provide actionable insights on topics like estate planning, land ownership, business development, and investment, with a specific focus on overcoming challenges unique to the Black community.
  • Networking & Collaboration: Facilitate connections between community members, entrepreneurs, investors, and financial institutions to foster mentorship opportunities and collaborative wealth-building ventures.
  • Resource Creation: Curate a comprehensive resource hub to support financial literacy initiatives, entrepreneurial support services, and policy advocacy for addressing systemic barriers to Black wealth-building.