Institute of Black Wealth

Partner to help advance Black economic empowerment.

Expand your impact
in Black communities.


Activate existing research

There’s enough existing data that tells us what we already know – Black founders don’t get adequate funding. Black businesses struggle to scale. Black communities are underinvested. Innovation and emerging tech isn’t reaching our communities fast enough. Partner with us to activate existing research to ideate and engineer creative solutions.


Leverage impact

The turning point in this country was the aftermath of George Floyd’s brutal murder. Corporate dollars were activated more than ever towards anti-racism and diversity and equity initiatives. While noble, these efforts aren’t enough. Partner with us on tangible solutions to close the Black wealth gap and create prosperity. 


Support innovative solutions

What’s broken is the lack of social connections to funding sources, opportunities, and  institutional or financial relationships as a result of an uneven playing field and structural inequalities. These challenges can be reversed with partners who understand the role they play in creating greater access.

Work with us

Black-owned businesses can grow simply through purchase orders, corporate contracts and government procurement. We’ve formed a strategic alliance of Black-owned firms ready and capable to scale through contracts. 

Black communities often get left out of the tech and innovation discussions. We’re bringing tech education to the community and developing the next wave of Black founders.

Financial capacity needs to be scaled whether it’s creating equity sources for emerging Black developers or helping Black founders secure venture capital.

We’re creating solutions that will provide Black entrepreneurs and businesses partnership support to help them scale and grow.

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