Institute of Black Wealth

The ‘Capital of Capital’

Miami is the city of the future! As the ‘Capital of Capital’ and with the leadership of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Miami is where VC funds, innovation companies, and emerging technologies want to be.


Mayor Suarez has dubbed April Miami Tech Month and the three-day Miami NFT Week as the official launch. Ending with Ultra Music Festival and starting right before BTC 2022, Miami NFT Week aims to bring all the crypto communities together from April 1st through April 3rd, 2022. This high-energy event is being organized with the support of Venture Miami and the Mayor. This three-day event will pack the house with speakers from the NFT industry and bridge conversations about DeFi and Blockchain technology, workshops, panels, pitch competitions, creative installations that include NFT and other immersive art, plus three days of high profile music events by top performers.


The tech and innovation sectors still lack representation, and our goal is to create access so that the Black community can participate in the wealth opportunities being created. Miami NFT Week is an opportunity to create learning opportunities for the community and to identify emerging talent that could be the creator of the new big technology.

The Founders

Ted Lucas and his partners are leading Miami NFT Week to further position Miami as the capital of fintech, Web3 and other emerging technologies. For tickets and to partner, visit