Institute of Black Wealth

Testimonial Category: Why This Is Needed

How We Do It

Institute of Black Wealth aims to collectively and programmatically create business opportunities that will change the financial trajectory for participants.

Policies and Funding

What’s needed are policies, funding, support systems, programs, and business opportunities that all help to shrink the Black-White wealth gap.

Now is the Moment

The elevated consciousness around the country on equity and inclusion presents the greatest opportunity to reverse the broken cycle of the Black wealth gap.

Black Founders Struggle

Black founders don’t have the same access to funding. Black-owned businesses need structural support and contracts that could help scale growth.

Generational Wealth Gap

Because of these systems in place, each generation of Black families have had to start over without passing on wealth to the next generation.

Structural Inequity

Structural and systemic inequalities have deep roots in virtually every type of institution in this country.

No Studies Needed

We don’t need another study or report to tell us that inequality exists and that Black people do not get the same access to funding and opportunities.